This past week Julie Matthews who is Global TV’s troubleshooter caught wind of a couple in Morinville that received a ticket for their mud flaps…or rather lack of. For the full story click here:


We are curious, did you realize this regulation? Are you without the proper equipment? We looked into the equipment regulations that are currently in place and here is what they say:

64(1) A motor vehicle or trailer must have a part of its body, a fender or a mudguard that covers the width of each tire.
(2) The body part, fender or mudguard referred to in subsection (1) must be above each wheel and
(a) extend downwards at the rear of each axle or axle group to at least the centre line of the axle, or
(b) be a distance away from the ground equivalent to at least 1/3 of the horizontal distance from the bottom edge of the mudguard to the centre line of the axle, but not closer to the ground than 150 millimetres when the vehicle is loaded.
(3) In addition to the requirements of subsection (1), the following types of vehicle must be equipped with rear wheel splash and stone-throw protection that complies with SAE Standard J682:
(a) a commercial vehicle or combination of commercial vehicles that is registered for a gross weight of more than, or that weighs more than, 4500 kilograms and that is not a bus;
(b) a bus;
(c) a trailer.
(4) A passenger car is not required to have a mudguard.
(5) This section does not apply to a trailer designed

For those of you who haven’t realized and might have the risk of receiving a ticket please take advantage of the 20% off of heavy duty mud flaps coupon that we are offering. (Just show proof of the coupon)

Want to read more on the regulations?

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