Here is some information that we feel would you better understand some of the reasons for taking preventive maintenance steps. Steps that help to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle for you and your family. Thanks to our MPI system that we use to track our daily duties, it also provides the customer with important information in regards to their vehicle.



Remove the air filter element from the air filter housing. Clean the air filter housing and inspect the fresh air duct hose for damage, dirt or obstructions. Inspect the warm air intake hose for signs of deterioration. Install a new filter element, and then reinstall the air filter housing access panel.


A dirty or clogged air filter can affect the fuel economy and overall vehicle performance. Both diesel and gasoline powered engines are designed to maintain a specific air-fuel ratio. A restricted air filter can affect the way the engine maintains the correct air-fuel mixture. If the air filter is restricted, the fuel mileage and overall vehicle drivability can deteriorate rapidly.



Replacing your air filter element is a quick and effective way to keep your engine running at its peak performance. A clean air filter helps your engine work more efficiently by letting the airflow get to the engine with no restrictions A clean air filter can also prolong the life of your engine.


*The following may contain instructions for servicing various components of you rvehicle. These are an overview of the process that will be performed by a skilled technicians in our shop. They are not intended to be a guide for a “do-it-yourself” operation.

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