Everyone knows that when a car ride is mentioned, your dog will jump for joy and go crazy by the front door waiting to get out. Nothing is more freeing to them than being able to stick their head out the window and become bat dog! If you are going to travel with your dog, be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all your passengers – human or animal.


Traveling with your dog offers an opportunity for him to run away:

-  Make sure the leash is on your dog and someone is firmly holding it before you open the car door.

-  ID tags on the collar are a great and easy way to find your pup fast. If you’re going to be away for awhile, consider getting your phone number or your local address put on a tag. This will save time and energy if someone does find your pup.

- Microchips or tattoos are another way to make sure your dog will find his way back to you if he’s lost.

- Keep a current photo of your dog in your glove compartment that you can photocopy, or one on your phone that you can easily print. This will allow you to show it to others if need be.


Driving with you in the front seat:

- Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to ride in the front seat; they can jump or climb on you while you’re driving. This could distract you and cause an accident. Like people, dogs riding in cars have to be secured.

- Option #1 is a pet carrier. Pet carriers must be secured so that they don’t fly forward in a collision.  This could possibly injure someone in its path.

- Option #2 is a restraining harness that connects to your car’s seats belts or tether hooks. This will still allow the pet liberty to move around and see the world, while still keeping him safe.


How to avoid unnecessary clean-up:

- Dogs can get car sick, and no one wants to deal with that clean up. Car sickness can be caused by the stress of the car ride, and not necessarily the motion of the car.  Best practice is to feed them a light meal a couple of hours before the trip.

- Take water and a bowl along, and schedule breaks to let your dog stretch his legs and do his business.

- Take some cleaning supplies to take care of any unwanted messes in the back. We suggest some wipes, air freshener and paper towel.


In closing you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in the car at all.  If you do decide to leave your dog inside the car, please take the necessary measures to make sure your dog is comfortable. Never leave your dog inside a hot car, try to park in the shade if it’s a warm day, and crack the windows enough to let air circulate.




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